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Much like the Wendigo that is said to stalk the woods of the northeastern United States, Scotland has its own mythical creature. Known to locals as “Am Fear Liath Mòr”, translated to The Big Grey Man or simply Greyman –…Read more ›
When Ghosts Attack - September 3, 2018
Back in 2010 a local news crew in Jamaica was able to capture footage of a boy being seemingly attacked by an unseen attacker. Watch below as the boy seems to be pulled violently at angles that would suggest he…Read more ›
If you are unfamiliar with the works of the late great Alan Watts the video below is a good introduction to his philosophies. Of course, nobody can truly know 100% what happens after we die, but in this video Alan…Read more ›
Check out the full episode of “Sightings” below. Let us know your opinion of this video in the poll below. No Mystery is closed to an open mind!
A number of years ago, my family took a trip to Scotland. We visited the capital city of Edinburgh, a city steeped in history where some buildings still have soot on them from the coal burning days of yore. Perched…Read more ›
I recently came across a most incredible youtube clip of a man who claims to have made contact with the late great Robin Williams. I have for years had an interest in the device called the “spirit box” and have…Read more ›
The Morrow road ghost spans back as far as the 1800’s – the tale of a mother searching for her lost child. Morrow road is a two and a half mile stretch of road in rural Michigan that was until…Read more ›
Abraham Lincoln, “Honest Abe” is said to have foreseen his own death through a dream he had about 10 days prior to his assassination by John Wilkes Booth at Fords Theatre. – to quote Lincoln’s account of this dream… “About…Read more ›
This post is from my mothers Aunt Ethel who lived in Newcastle England. My mother is the type of woman who doesn’t lie and likewise with her elderly aunt. Aunt Ethel had a lodger named Hugh, for many years Hugh…Read more ›
Do you believe that people or places can be cursed? The video below goes into some of the more interesting “coincidences” from James Deans ill fated crash in his sports car “lil bastard” to the unfortunate fate of the cast…Read more ›

La Mesa Historic Places

Bengston House, 4646 3rd Street
Martin Christopher House,8505 Lemon Avenue
Cole House, 5628 Nokomis Street
Collier Park / Spring House, 4401 Palm Avenue
Dillon House, 9151 Dillon Drive
Fouchy House, 7910 El Capitan Drive
Sherman Grable House, 4344 Date Avenue
Albert W. Gray House, 8045 Culowee Street
Sydney Holland House, 8463 Lemon Avenue
Eugene and Katherine Hyatt House, 4767 Mission Bell Lane
Jensen House, 9125 Dillon Drive
Gilbert Judy House, 4572 Date Avenue
La Mesa Depot, 4695 Nebo Drive
Henry M. Lyons House, 4871 Bancroft Drive
Lyster-Garfield House, 4725 Hillcrest Avenue
Rev. Henry A. McKinney House, 8369 University Avenue
Sara A. and Milo W. McNeil House, 4612 Third Street
Miles House, 9390 Urban Drive
James Morrison House, 8415 Grant Avenue
Old Post Office Building, 8393-95 La Mesa Boulevard
Frank Oliver House, 4657 Fourth Street
Orr-Lapum House, 4596 Nebo Drive
C. Clarence and Fannie Park Home, 4604 Date Avenue
Harry Park House, 8065-69 Lemon Avenue
Porter Hall, 4910 Memorial Drive
Prather House, 4171 Merritt Boulevard
Reynolds-Lingren House, 4554 Acacia Avenue
Roach-Porter House, 4990 Porter Hill Road
Robertson House, 4572 Palm Avenue
James C. and Ellen Robertson House, 4580 Palm Avenue
Harry and Vada Robertson House, 4582 Palm Avenue
Rosebrock House, 4651 Date Avenue
Clifford Sawyer House, 4420 Merritt Boulevard
Simard House, 9339 Lemon Avenue
Staples-Orcutt House, 4576 Acacia Avenue
Staveley House, 4628 3rd Street
Hugh B. and Zula B. Styles House, 8545 Chevy Chase Drive
Thiele House, 4572 Third Street
Todd House, 8069 Vista Drive
Wentz-Park House, 4603 Date Avenue
Witter House, 4840 Schuyler Avenue